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Image by Joseph Anson


Perhaps you are feeling down, or anxious. You might have experienced a loss that feels too much to bear. Maybe, you face difficulties in your relationships, or find yourself at a crossroads in your life. Therapy can provide the space to make meaning of your experience and develop deeper understanding for what is happening in your life. Feeling understood and listened to can be a healing experience in itself.   

In my work, I emphasise the relationship between you and me. Exploring how we interact and relate to ourselves, others and the world around us can help to recognise unhelpful patterns and transform our sense of self. Past experiences can have a lasting impact on us and affect our interactions in the present. In therapy, we can begin to make connections that allow us to look at things from a new perspective. I offer empathy, openness, and acceptance to allow for an open dialogue on the journey of self-discovery. 

My training in Integrative Psychotherapy allows me to draw from different theoretical perspectives. This means, that I can tailor my approach according to your needs.

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